Our services

I will be happy to work with

  • marketing and promotional literature
  • reports (e.g. annual reports, research findings etc)
  • press releases, articles, blogs, opinion pieces
  • correspondence, campaigning and public affairs material
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • speeches
  • fiction

I divide the services I can offer into four broad categories.  

  1. Writing:
  • producing finished written material for e.g. blogs, articles, B2B communications, marketing literature etc., tailored to a detailed brief from you, the client
  1. Copy-editing:
  • getting involved early in the process, dealing with your first draft or ‘raw’ material and working closely with authors and editors through the various stages of the process
  • substantial restructuring and rewriting where necessary
  • rewriting copy produced by non-native English speakers
  • ‘translating’ technical or complex work into accessible language for non-expert audiences
  1. Proof-editing:
  • halfway between editing and proofreading: some rewriting and reordering if necessary
  • collating contributions from different contributors and ensuring the style and format of the final piece is consistent throughout
  • marking up text for a typesetter
  1. Proofreading:  
  • the vital check for the accuracy of spelling and punctuation
  • that essential ‘extra pair of eyes’ to check that it all makes sense and that the formatting and presentation are consistent
  • proofreading ‘to copy’ (checking the final version matches the original)

I will be happy to work on paper or screen, marking up corrections and changes any way the client requires.  I can also use the BSI proof-correction marks if needed.   


All work will be done in accordance with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders' Code of Practice.  Click here for further details


Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders
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